[Listening] Thailand Shooting: A Soldier Killed 26 People

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What a 2020! Novel coronavirus, the wildfire in Australia… Upsetting news has kept coming out since the beginning of 2020. Here is a scary shooting from Thailand. Listen to the audio to learn more.


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Last weekend, a Thai soldier allegedly went on a bloody rampage with an assault rifle after killing his ________ (2 words missing), hijacking a vehicle and stealing weapons. Armed with an assault rifle, he killed at least 26 people and wounded more than 52 in a Thai city while livestreaming himself on social media Saturday.

The suspect has been identified as a junior soldier at a base near the city of Nakhon Ratchasima, which is also known as Korat and is about a 180-mile drive northeast of Bangkok. The gunman shot a superior officer and others as he stole a military vehicle and weapons–two rifles, one M60 machine gun and 770 rounds of ammunition from the base. Then he fled the scene and  ________ (2 words missing) at a nearby shopping mall, Terminal 21 mall.

Local media showed footage of the suspect exiting a car in front of a shopping mall and firing a series of shots, as people ran for cover. Many were killed outside the mall, some in cars, others while walking. Gunshots could be heard on the video. Hundreds of people were  ________ (1 word missing)from the mall in small batches by police while they searched for the gunman. “We were scared and ran to hide in toilets,” said one of those rescued by police.

It took police sharpshooters 16 hours to end the crisis. Army sources said he was a sharpshooter and had taken courses on attacks, including the planning of ambushes. The Prime Minister Prayuth said he believed the gunman was involved in a “personal conflict over a house deal” that involved a relative of his commanding officer, both of whom the gunman shot dead at the military base at the start of his rampage.

The gunman used social media heavily, including posting pictures of himself with weapons. A Facebook post before the attack read: “Rich from cheating. Taking advantage of other people. Do they think they can spend the money in hell?” During the attack – and before his Facebook account was taken down – he wrote: “Death is inevitable for everyone.”

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