[Phrases] Are You Like A Cat On Hot Bricks

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I think most of you guys love cats because they are so beautiful and cute. So today we’re going to learn some idioms with the word “cat” and the meaning of them may be a little bit different from what you consider. Each of them has a definition and an example to stimulate your understanding.

Let’s begin!!


1. Like A Cat On Hot Bricks

A person who is like a cat on hot bricks is very nervous or restless.

The week before the results were published, she was like a cat on hot bricks.

2. Let the cat out of the bag

The word is used when someone reveals a secret, often unintentionally.

When the child told her grandmother about the plans for her 70th birthday, she let the cat out of the bag.  It was supposed to be a secret!

3. Like cat and dog

Two people who fight or argue have violent arguments, even though they are fond of each other.

They fight like cat and dog but they’re still together after 30 years

4. Like something the cat dragged in

Look dirty, untidy or generally unappealing.

My teenage son often looks like something the cat dragged in!

5. Like herding cats

This expression refers to the difficulty of coordinating a situation that involves people who all want to act independently.

Trying to manage a group of people from different countries is like herding cats!

6. A fat cat

This term is used to refer to a rich, powerful, self-satisfied person who uses their money and power in a way that you disapprove of.

The place was full of fat cats on their big yachts.

Practice: make sentences with the idioms above.

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  • 1.
    I was like a cat on hot bricks when I was waiting for my son outside the
    operation room

    I want to surprise mom for her birthday tonight. So Please don’t let the cat out of the bag, dad!

    Do you remember bro, how many times we fought with each other like cat and dog, when we were children!

    Usually after having her breakfast, My daughter looks like something the cat dragged in!

    To unite all of the countries in this issue is like herding cats!

    The police stopped the cars because the fat cats were passing through the street by their big limousines!

  • I will inform all people these funny idioms, because l like letting the cat out of the bag

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