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1. function;
2. self-healing;
3. biological machine.


Nowadays, the temperature of the earth is higher than what we expect, especially in the last decade. The reasons are complicated but most of them are related to us. Experts at NOAA and NASA have reported news about the temperature and the problem of global warming is much more serious now!

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According to experts at NOAA and NASA, last year was the world’s second-warmest year, capping off the hottest decade on record,

And here’s another record: The past five years were collectively the warmest since record-keeping began almost 140 years ago. 2019’s temperatures were second only to 2016, coming in around 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th-century average, per NOAA.

Scientists say the warming ________(1 word missing) is clearly the result of man-made climate change. “It really can’t be explained in any other way,” Schmidt told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday.

‘’We are experiencing the impacts of global warming unfolding literally in real time,’’ said Noah Diffenbaugh, an earth science professor at Stanford University not involved in the newly released analyses. “We now have _______________(2 words missing) that people and ecosystems are being impacted across the world, from the equator to the poles, from both in the ocean and on land, from the coastal areas to the high elevations.”

For some places worldwide, including Alaska and Australia, 2019 brought record warmth. Some other notable events from the past year included Hurricane Dorian, the strongest hurricane to strike the Bahamas; Tropical Storm Iba, the first tropical cyclone to form in the south Atlantic Basin since 2010; Typhoon Hagibis, one of the most rapidly intensifying storms to form in the western North Pacific Ocean; and Tropical Cyclone Idai, one of the deadliest storms to strike in the southwest Indian Ocean basin.

Meanwhile, Australia continues to ________(1 word missing) with unprecedented bushfires that have destroyed thousands of homes, shrouded large swaths of the country in unhealthy smoke levels, and killed more than a dozen people and thousands and thousands of animals.

Therefore, it is our obligation to stop our damage to earth!

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