[Grammar] ‘Media’, ‘Medium’, Or ‘Mediums’ ?

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Medium has two plurals—media and mediums, which can be confusing because the correct plural to apply may depend on what sense of ‘medium’ you are using.

1. Media (Mass Communication)


  • One sense of ‘medium’ is ‘a channel of communication’. This typically applies to things like television, radio, newspapers and the internet.
  • The plural of this sense of ‘medium’ is ‘media’, which is a mass noun. 

We gathered data from a variety of media.

The plural ‘media’ also applies in a few other cases, including:

  • Electronic files that can be played (e.g. an MP3 is a type of ‘digital media’)
  • Intervening substances, especially in the sciences (e.g. air and water are ‘media’ through which sound can be transmitted)
  • Artistic materials (e.g. paint and charcoal are ‘artistic media’)

It is therefore correct to use ‘media’ as a plural in any of these situations.

2. Mediums (People Who Speak To Spirits)


  • Mediums is the plural when medium refers to a person who communicates with the dead.

As a professional ghost hunter, I have worked with many mediums.

3. Medium (to describe an intermediate quality)

This T-shirt is medium size.

  • In some cases, however, it is used as a noun to mean either a means of transmission of a force or effect or an enveloping substance.

The best medium for growing that plant is commercial potting soil.

The sound travels through the medium of the air.

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#1. The internet is an important________ for communication.

#2. Thanks to the technology and social _______, public opinion is the most powerful political force in the world today.

#3. Several_________ carried the story about the car crash in their local news segments



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