[Best pick] Drishyam: Lie To The Whole World

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Today, I want to share with you an exciting Indian suspense film: Drishyam.

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Vijay runs a TV network company in a remote area. He has a beautiful wife Nandini and two beautiful daughters. They lived happily in a small Indian town, but their happy life was soon destroyed by Sam, a classmate of their eldest daughter, Anju. Anju went to the camp to meet Sam, a male classmate. He took a nude picture of Anju and threatened to rape her. By mistake, Anju killed the unexpected guest who was about to rape her and her mother on a night. Vijay, a fourth-grader but having seen all kinds of movies, buried his body and used the anti reconnaissance techniques learned in the movies to offer and produce evidence of absence to cheat the police to cover the manslaughter.


The most exciting part of this movie is how careful and thoughtful Vijay he is. After knowing his daughter killed a bad guy accidentally he made an impeccable plan even if the police knew the truth but still had no proof. He and his family showed surprising perseverance and calmness in the face of police questioning and torturing.


One of the comments of that movie said that,

”I usually do not write feedback, but for this movie I had to. This one of the best stories in India Movies. Excellent writing and direction. Acting is also good. Start is little slow but after 30 mins movie really picks up and maintain great suspense till the end.

Script is very strong, acting of co-starts(Ajay devgans wife, daughters) is great. Its most realistic story and flawless movie. Usually Indian movies are never realistic, there will be lot of spice and fiction, songs, crazy emotional melodrama etc. But this one is a master piece and it has the perfection of Hollywood level.”


There are some tips for the movie,

At the initial murder scene there is a stream of blood that comes out of the head injury to Sam. But when Vijay returns to check the the spot the blood has vanished and floor is clean and concludes that there must have been internal bleeding.

The title is made up of various words related to the elements of the film such as family, mystery, suspect, crime, violence, etc.

The movie is inspired by the Malayalam story written and directed by Jeethu Joseph. As a possible tribute to him, when Ajay Devgan’s character makes an entry in a hotel register, he signs his name as Jitu Joseph.

Let’s check out the trailer!

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  • This is really nice movies. It’s based on real life. This script teaches us many things.
    Drishyam one of the my favorite movies 😊

  • This film was re-made in Telugu by hero victory Venkatesh sir. This was fantastic Movie ,i enjoyed a lot and Such a fabulous movie it is.

  • Awesome movie. It is too good . Mysterious ,action ,intelligence perfect combination… And yes ove acting is lesser than any other Indian film…The name of the film suits to the story.

  • Moral of this move is going to be how live in our society… good movie

  • It’s really good i have seen this movie a long back in Telugu as well as in hindi version.this movie first came in Telugu then after dubbed in hindi.it became super hit in all languages.as you said that it was fantastic movie i have never seen before.. thankyou

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