[Word For Today] Decay

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Today we are going to learn the word decay.


Translations of decay in different languages:

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1. [v.] (of organic matter) rot or decompose through the action of bacteria and fungi
The flower began to decay in the continual rainy days. 
2. [v.] cause to rot or decompose
The fungus will decay soft timber.
3. [v.] fall into disrepair; deteriorate
facilities decay when money is not spent on refurbishment.


4. [v.] decline in quality, power, or vigour
The moral authority of the party was decaying.
5. [v.] (of a radioactive substance, particle, etc.) undergo change to a different form by emitting radiation
The trapped radiocarbon begins to decay at a known rate.
6. [n.] the state or process of rotting or decomposition
Hardwood is more resistant to decay than softwood.
7. [n.] rotten matter or tissue
Fluoride heals small spots of decay.
8. [n.] structural or physical deterioration
The old barn rapidly fell into decay.
9. [n.] the change of a radioactive substance, particle, etc. into another by the emission of radiation (plural noun: decays)
The gas radon is produced by the decay of uranium in rocks and soil.
10. [n.] the process of declining in quality, power, or vigor
the problems of urban decay

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