[Word-ology] Improvise=Im+Pro+Vise

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Before today’s learning, let’s check the answers to the last episode.



Definition: famous,Ā respected, orĀ important.


Definition: toĀ reduceĀ or beĀ reducedĀ inĀ sizeĀ orĀ importance.


Definition: extremelyĀ small.

Today, we are going to learn a widely-used etymon, “vis” meaning “visible“.

Now, let’s analyze the composition of “Improvise“.

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The word consists of three etyma, “im” means “not“, “pro” means “before“, and “vis” means “see“. And “e” at the end of the word “improvise” indicates that the word is a verb.

When the word comprises the etyma “vis“, it implies that the word has the meaning related to “visible“. And according to the dictionary, “vis” simply stands for “able to see“.

We can easily find out the meaning of the word “improvise” we deduced is very close to the definition in the Oxford Dictionary, which is “toĀ inventĀ or make something, such as aĀ speechĀ or aĀ device, at theĀ timeĀ when it isĀ neededĀ without already havingĀ plannedĀ it“.

After learning the etymon ā€œvisā€œ, you can also try to guess the meaning ofĀ the following words!Ā So, letā€™s get started!




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