[Word For Today] Subtle

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Today we are going to learn “subtle”.


Translations of “subtle” in different languages:


How to use it?

1. not very noticeable or obvious.

  • There are subtle differences between the two versions.
  • She’s been dropping subtle hints about what she’d like as a present.
  • subtle colors/flavors/smells

2. behaving in a clever way, and using indirect methods, in order to achieve something.

  • I decided to try a more subtle approach.
  • At this point, however, they’re trying to kill the public option in more subtle ways.


3. organized in a clever way.

  • This subtle plan is the key to success.
  • The subtle use of lighting in the opera plays an important role.

4. good at noticing and understanding things.

  • The job required a subtle mind.
  • It seems that nothing can cheat his subtle mind

Practice: make a sentence with this word and leave your comments below.

So much for today`s new word.

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