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Today we are going to learn 5 idioms and expressions that use the verb “run”. Each of them has a definition and two examples to help your understanding. Let`s go!


1. in the long run

This prepositional phrase means eventually or over time.

  • But in the long run, it is as inevitable as changes in the weather.
  • They might be annoying or frustrated at times, but in the long run, the lessons learned from them can help you become better at what you do.

2. dry run

This idiom refers to a trial of something, a rehearsal of something before it happens.

  • The competition is planned as a dry run for the World Cup finals.
  • The poll will also serve as a dry run for a general election due at the end of next year.


3. run around in circles

This phrase means wasting time, making progress in what you want to do.

  • He kept trying over and over to get it, but all he could do was run around in circles.
  • It took a few days of running around in circles before I took care of everything.

4. run in the family

If some talents or features run in the family, then they are common in one’s family.

  • No wonder they said some traits run in the family, yeah?
  • According to a new study cheating really does run in the family, at least as far as men are concerned.

5. run something up

It refers to charging something or making a bill.

  • Peter ran his clothes up on his Visa card.
  • He’s run up quite the bill at the local tavern.


Practice: make sentences with the idioms above.

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