[Word-ology] Occur=Oc+Cur

Hello, everyone! Time for [word-ology] again.

Today, we are gonna talk about a new etymon, “Cur(s)“, with which you may be familiar. It means “run“.


Let’s analyze the composition of “occur“.

Occur=oc-[ob-, toward]+cur-[run]

The simple word just contains two etyma, “oc” meaning “ob-, toward“, and “cur” meaning “run“. It’s easy to figure out the meaning of it, namely “run toward” . By combining them together, we can easily deduce the meaning of it as “something runs toward one’s mind“. We can easily find a basic connection between the meaning we deduced and the definition in the Oxford Dictionary, which is “If a thought or idea occurs to you, it comes into your mind“.

Now it’s your time to figure out the meanings of the following words.




That’s all for [Word-ology] today!

Please leave your answers in the comment down below and have a great day!

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