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Today we are going to learn 5 English idioms with “eye” involved. “Eye” is a very simple and easy word. But could you guess what is the meaning of the following idioms without having the answers?


1. Have An Eye For Something

“Have an eye for something ” means having prevision or to be good at noticing a particular type of thing, especially something attractive, valuable, of good quality.

Ernest has an eye for detail.
(Ernest is good at noticing detail.)


2. Cast Sheep’s Eye

If you cast sheep’s eyes at someone, you look lovingly or with longing at them. In another way, it means that you may feel shy but can’t help looking at someone that you share the special feelings with.

John loves Lucy, and he keeps casting sheep’s eye on Lucy.

3. Make Eyes At

To look at someone in a way that shows sexual attraction.

He is flirting with Lucy by making eyes at her.


4. Mind Your Eye

To take care or be careful about something.

Mind you eye, you would be in trouble if you are not careful enough.

5. Without Turning An Eyelash

Without having or displaying any sort of emotional response to abnormal things.

He is a tough guy who suffers the pain without turing an eyelash.



#1 John wants to show his attraction to Lucy, so he ___________________ Lucy to get her attention.

#2 During the party Lucy ______________ on John because she admires John for a long time.




Hope you learn something today!

Try to make a sentence with the phrases above. 🙂

Share with us if you know other funny idioms. Looking forward to your comments! See you next time!


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