[Listening] Apple Says ‘Goodbye’ to iTunes

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Have you ever been using iTunes to download music or transfer files between your iPhone and computer? As for me, I really dislike the way iTunes operated. Today, we are going to listen to the news of Apple says goodbye to Itunes.


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Apple is saying goodbye to iTunes: once the company’s __________( 1 word missing) music program.

iTunes software made buying songs for 99 cents easy and available to everyone on the internet.

These days many people no longer use iTunes. On the iPhone, what iTunes does has been divided into separate apps for music, video and books. Apple replaced iTunes in the new ________(2 words missing) for its Mac computers called Catalina that was released Monday.

Having separate apps for music, video and other services lets Apple better control the kinds of media that it wants to sell. For example, it will permit Apple to push its _________( 3 words missing) and music services. Company officials hope this will help ease the effect of slowing sales for the iPhone.

Years ago, iTunes was a way to get music onto Apple’s main product, the iPod music player. Users connected the iPod to a computer and downloaded songs simply and easily.

“I would just kind of ______(1 word missing) my friends who were into anything other than iPods,” said Jacob Titus. He is a 26-year-old designer in South Bend, Indiana.

Apple began its iTunes Music Store in 2003, two years after releasing the iPod. It had simple pricing: 99 cents for a single song or $9.99 got a whole album of music. Because the price was so low, many buyers preferred legally using iTunes to getting illegal internet downloads.

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