[Phrases] 5 Idioms To Express Your Anger

Hey guys! Welcome to Phrases. Today we are going to learn 5 idioms to express your anger. Let`s start!


1. to lose your cool

If you lose your cool, you become visibly angry or lose your composure.

  • As a parent, it`s important to never lose your cool in front of your kids.
  • The suspect lost his cool during the interrogation.

2. to make your blood boil

If something makes your blood boil, it causes you to feel anger.

  • Noisy, inconsiderate neighbors really make my blood boil.
  • Seeing people litter in this beautiful park makes my blood boil.


3. bent out of shape

If you are bent out of shape, you are upset, angry, insulted, or annoyed.

  • I accidentally spilled coffee on Tim’s carpet, and he got bent out of shape about it.
  • Our coach is bent out of shape because we lost by so many points.

4. up in arms

If you are up in arms about something, you are outraged and very angry about something.

  • The company`s database was hacked, and customers are up in arms about the security breach.
  • He made an insensitive remark on his radio show, and now his listeners are up in arms.

5. to see red

If you are seeing red, you are furious.

  • These tax increases have taxpayers seeing red.
  • The dress I ordered online looked nothing like the picture. I was seeing red after I opened the package.


Practice: make sentences with the idioms above.

That`s all for today`s phrases.

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  • Really you doing great job. Your pedagogy are helping me lot… Thank you sir

  • 1. I lost my cool on my friend when he had disturbed me while I was having a deep sleep.
    2. My Brother had made my blood boil by shouting on me.
    3. My mother was bent out of shape when my uncle had insulted her.
    4. Owners were up in arms the boy had left the room without informing them.
    5. RTC workers are seeing red and called for Telangana strike.

  • 1. Don’t lose your cool.

    2. He lost his coolness after watching him.

    3. She showed such an attitude towards me that made my blood boil.

    4. He always do such things that makes my blood boil.

    5.I accidentally spilled coffee on tim’ s carpet and he got bent out of shape about it.

    6. Ramu destroyed vishal’ s office furniture then Vishal became bent out of shape.

    7. I was seeing red after knowing he stole my bag.

    8. Customers are up in arms about the security breach.

  • It is great .I like to read idioms every day. Is there any facility for activate notification so that without any delay we read daily

  • I lost my cool the only reason it’s you.
    When I am seeing someone trying to do something wrong to somebody in front of me then my blood will be starting boiling.
    When someone trying to cheat with me on that time my mind getting start to bent out of shape.
    In past few years I was very up in arm about my laziness.
    If Iam not in a good mood seeing red on my face.

  • Iam glad to be a user of the this application…
    Thank you for providing such a beautiful idoms ,phrases…..And
    Keep on helping us…

  • Good and very interesting.
    These type of ideas are really helping to all.
    So, keep posting new ideas.

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