[Word For Today] Cling

Hey guys! Welcome to [Word For Today]! Today`s word is “cling”.


Translations of cling in different languages:


How is it used?

1. to hold on tightly to sb/sth.

  • He wailed and clung to his mother.
  • She had to cling onto the door handle until the pain passed.
  • They clung together, shivering with cold.

2. to stick to sth.

  • The wet shirt clung to his chest.
  • The smell of smoke still clung to her clothes.


3. to stay close to sb, especially because you need them emotionally.

  • After her mother’s death, Sara clung to her aunt more than ever.
  • Some children tend to cling on their first day at school.

Practice: make a sentence with this word and leave your comments below.

So much for today`s new word. See you next time!



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