[Phrases] Idioms Related To Horses (Part 1)

Hey guys! Welcome to [Phrases]! Today we are going to learn some idioms about horses. Ready? Let`s start!


1. one-horse town

It refers to a remote and backward place.

  • We will never find a decent coffee in this one-horse town.
  • The city was a drab one-horse town where the main means of transportation was the bicycle.

2. to eat like a horse

If you are too hungry to gorge a lot of food, then you eat like a horse.

  • It will do you harm to eat like a horse.

3. as strong as a horse

It means someone is very healthy.

  • She works long hours, yet seems to feel no ill effects from it. She must be as strong as a horse.
  • I feel great. I’m as strong as a horse, you see.


4. hold one`s horse

If someone asks you to hold your horse, then he wants you to be patient.

  • Now, just hold your horses and let me explain.

5. a horse of another color

It means something is completely different or separate, especially in comparison to something else.

  • Don’t trust what Jack has said. The truth is a horse of another color.
  • It is a horse of another color. We cannot mention them in the same breath.

Practice: make sentences with those idioms.

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