[Word For Today] Creep

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Today we are going to learn a new word: Creep.


Translations of creep in different languages:


How is it used?

1. When people or animals creep somewhere, they move quietly and slowly.

  • Back I go to the hotel and creep up to my room.
  • I crept up the stairs, trying not to wake my parents.

2. If something creeps somewhere, it moves very slowly.

  • The mist had crept in again from the mountain.


3. If something creeps in or creeps back, it begins to occur or becomes part of something without people realizing or without them wanting it.

  • Insecurity might creep in. 
  • An increasing ratio of mistakes, perhaps induced by tiredness, crept into her game. 

4. If a rate or number creeps up to a higher level, it gradually reaches that level.

  • The inflation rate has been creeping up to 9.5 percent. 

Practice: make a sentence with this word and leave your comments below.

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