[Grammar] “Such As” Or “For Example”

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English learners often make mistakes when using “such as” and “for example”. To avoid mistakes, follow this simple advice:

1. (1) Use “such as” in the middle of a sentence.

    (2) Use “for example” at the start of a sentence.

Compare these examples:

  • Many students lived in this house, such as Jack, Jane, and Helen.
  • Many students lived in this house. For example, they were Jack, Jane, and Helen.


2. (1) such as + comma (can be deleted) + two or more nouns

    (2) for example + comma + full sentence

  • I love flowers, such as lily, rose, and tulip.
  • I love flowers. For example, rose is my favorite.

3. (1) for example = for instance

    (2) such as = like

  • He lambasted US companies such as/like Ford and Apple that have moved some or most of their manufacturing overseas.
  • I would not allow her to do dangerous things. For example/instance, let her swim in the Mekong.




#1. _____ is that woman?

#2. _____ did they invite?

#3. I met a man with _____ I used to work.


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