[Best Pick] Superstars Read Dirty Comments From Fans

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Today I wanna recommend an interesting segment of the Youtube channel, Celebs Read Thirst Tweets.

It’s the most interesting segment of the Youtube channel BuzzFeed Celeb, which is full of celebrities’ reactions.

You can see many celebrities sitting down to read their thirstiest tweets from fans.

The talented and handsome Shawn Mendes took some time away from his busy schedule to read hilarious thirst tweets about himself…


One fan asked, “Do you think if I asked nicely, Shawn Mendes would choke me?” The 19-year-old singer offered this advice, “Don’t ask anybody to choke you.”


Sorry, I don’t get it. Why does someone want to be choked? It’s ridiculous!

What about Troye Sivan?

His fan wants him to murder his ass, but…


However, it’s not true.


It’s no secret that Nick Jonas is quite an attractive human being. Just one quick search on Google about his good looks…


And you can imagine how thirsty his fans are…


oh my god!

“I want Nick Jonas to **** the **** out of my *******,” writes an admirer named Chuck.


“What’s a star?” Nick Jonas.

Don’t play dumb. 🙂

“I have a few more in my direct messages that I could show you at a different time, but that’s for the R-rated version,” he adds at the end of the video.

Buzzfeed, can you please, please release an R-rated version?



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