[Best Pick] Sherlock: Brainy Is New Sexy

Hello, everyone! Time for [Best Pick] again!

Today, I wanna share a British crime drama television series, “Sherlock”, based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories. You may be familiar with it because it is billed as the top 5 British TV series in history and gains increasing popularity since its first episode with the fast-moving plots and heart-stirring scenes!.png


“Sherlock” stars Benedict Cumberbatch as a genius named Sherlock Holmes, and Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson. 13 episodes have been produced, with four three-part series airing from 2010 to 2017, and a special episode that aired on 1 January 2016. Each episode is about a complex and rare crime case being solved by Sherlock.

I can still remember I cannot skip the videos even for one second when I watch the TV series because every moment in it makes real sense or insinuates the future plot development. However, seldom could I predict the ends of the episodes given its complicated and fast-moving plots.





Lets’s watch the top 10 best Sherlock TV series moments

Watching Sherlock may help you strengthen your logical thinking, seriously!

By the way, I strongly recommend the episode, “the woman” in Sherlock season 2 to you.

You will love it!

That’s all for today’s [Best Pick]!

Hope you like it!


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