[Phrases] 6 Idioms To Express Happy

Hey, everyone! Welcome to [Phrase], a column making you a native English speaker!

Before today’s learning, I wanna know how do you express your happiness in English?


Someone may say, “I am very happy/glad to…”, or “I am so happy that…”, etc.

Today, I am gonna share 6 native idioms to express happy with you guys. Here we go!


1. On cloud nine: Extremely happy when something wonderful happens.

She’s been on cloud nine since she found out she is pregnant.

2. Like a dog with two tails: To look and be very happy

Was he pleased? He was like a dog with two tails.

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3. In seventh heaven: Bliss; to be so happy it feels like you are in heaven

I was in seventh heavenwhen I landed my dream job.

4. Over the moon:  ecstatically happy about something

She bought a new house, so she is over the moon now.

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5. On top of the world: You are on top of the world when you feel wonderful

I’ve been feeling on top of the world since I started doing yoga every morning.

6. Walk on air: to feel extremely excited or happy

After the delivery of her baby, she was walking on air.

That’s all for [Phrase] today!

Hope you remember these expressions.

Please make a sentence with one of the expressions above and tell me what you wanna learn most from the column in the comments down below!

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