[Word-ology] Innovate=In+Nov+Ate

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Before today’s learning, let’s check the answers to the last episode!


meaning: agreement or harmony between people and groups


meaning: most important; having other things based on it


meaning: disagreement; arguing

It’s quite easy to comprehend the three words given their etyma, right? Today, we are going to learn a widely used etymon, “nov” meaning “new”. Here we go!










Let’s analyze the composition of “innovate”!



definition: to introduce new things, ideas, or ways of doing sth

“Innovate” is a frequently-used word for us, containing three parts, “in” meaning “into”, “nov” meaning “new”ย and “ate” meaning “to make”. It’s very easy to understand the composition and its meaning. We can figure out its meaning as “to make something new” by stringing up its three etyma. Thereupon, we are very close to the definition of “innovate”, which was displayed above.

Now it is your time to figure out the meaning of the following words.


Renovate=re-[again]+nov-[new]+ate-[to make]

Novel(as an adjective)=nov-[new]+el-[n.]

That’s the end for [Word-ology] today.

I Hope you acquire more knowledge from this column.

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