[Word For Today] Fragile

Hey guys! Glad to see you again! Welcome to [Word For Today]!

Today we are going to learn a new word: fragile.


Translations of fragile in different languages:


How is it used?

1. easily broken or damaged

  • fragile china/glass/bones

2. delicate and often beautiful

  • fragile beauty
  • The woman’s fragile face broke into a smile.


3. weak and uncertain; easily destroyed or spoilt

  • a fragile alliance/ceasefire/relationship
  • The economy remains extremely fragile.

4. not strong and likely to become ill or sick

  • Her mother is now 86 and in fragile health. 
  • I’m feeling a bit fragile after last night.

Practice: make a sentence with this word and leave your comments below.

So much for today`s new word. See you next time!


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