[Grammar] “Prefer To Do” vs “Prefer Doing”

Hey guys! Welcome back to [Grammar]. Have you ever got confused with the use of “prefer”? This word means that you like one thing or person better than another or you choose one thing rather than something else because you like it better. Today I`m going to tell you some phrases to manege this word. Ready? Go!


1. prefer A to B

This expression means you choose A, but not B.

  • I prefer coffee to tea.
  • I prefer apple to banana.


2. prefer to do sth

  • The donor prefers to remain anonymous.
  • What type of work would you prefer to do?


3. prefer doing sth

  • I prefer palying basketball to staying at home reading.
  • I have a master’s in computer education, but I really prefer doing creative things.


4. prefer to do rather than do

  • I prefer to do English homework first rather than do maths homework.
  • It is a tough issue. But now I prefer to take some steps rather than complain.



  • I prefer              a glass of water before breakfast.
  • I prefer to               to music rather than watch TV.

That`​s all for today`s [Grammar]!

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