[Grammar] “Everyday” V.S. “Every Day”

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Have you ever been confused by some simple words or phrases that look similar but mean different? Such as “everyday” and “every day”, “everytime” and “every time”, “sometimes” and “some time”, etc…

Let’s figure them out today!

1. “everyday” and “every day”

Everyday is an adjective so it goes before the noun it describes.

Even though he has won some money, it hasn’t changed his everyday life.

“Every day” is not an adjective, it means all of the days or each day over a period of time.

You’ve been wearing that same shirt every day this week.

2. “everytime” and “every time”

              “Everytime” is not a word, which should be written as two separate words: “every time” .

You don’t need to remind me to do the dishes everytime. ( × )

You don’t need to remind me to do the dishes every time. ( )

3.”sometime”, “some time”, “sometimes” and “some times”

“Sometime” means “at some point”

Give me a call sometime , and we’ll have coffee.

“Some time” means “a period of time” — usually a long period of time.

For some time , humans have known that the world is round.

“Sometimes” means “occasionally”

Everybody hurts sometimes .

 “Some times” is a noun phrase, and it means a nonspecific quantity of points in a timeline.

Some times are not good times for pizza, but I have yet to discover exactly when those times are.

4.”Someday”, “Some Day” and “Some days

“Someday” means “at an indefinite time in the future”

She told me that I would be an adult someday.

Some day” refers to one day that is perhaps unknown or unspecified.

I have a doctor’s appointment some day next month.

“Some days” = a couple of days

Some days ago, a series of events took place…

To sum up:

  • When the word is written as two separate words, like “every day”, “every time”, “some time”, “some times”, “some day” and “some days”, it’s not an adjective!

  • Singular words like “sometime” and “someday” usually means “at an indefinite time”.

  • Plural phrases like “some days” and “some times”  means “a couple of days / times”.



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