[Best Pick] Ellen Show: When Celebrities Got Scared

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You must have heard or watched a famous American talk show — The Ellen Show.

But do you know the segment — “Scares”?

Yeah, it’s one of the most interesting segments of The Ellen Show. You can see many celebrities being scared in different ways.

Such as a man jumped from a table…


Or a man just stood behind them and scared them suddenly…

scared jennifer lopez GIF

Some celebrities were timid, so they reacted exaggeratedly.

Taylor Swift has been Ellen’s victim a number of times. In an earlier scare, Ellen simply sits outside Taylor’s dressing room and jumps out at her. This sends Taylor to the floor. It was so funny. Ellen and Taylor could not stop laughing or get off the floor for some time.

AdmirableCompleteFantail-size_restricted (1)

Even someone who stars in scary series, American Horror Story, Sarah Paulson has a deep-rooted fear of clowns. Not once, but twice Sarah fell victim to Ellen’s hidden clown scare. “I feel nervous! I’m really scared something’s going to happen. Why are you looking at me like that?” Sarah said to Ellen.



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