[Phrases] 5 Color Idioms With Unexpected Meanings

Hello everyone! Before we learn today`s new phrases, let`s check the answer of the last episode. The right answer is “C”.

My new shoes _________.

A. read me like a book                              B. go like clockwork

B. fit like a glove                                         D. feel like a million

Today we are doing to talk about 5 idioms related to colors. One specific color may stand for different meanings in different cultures, which allows us to experience cultural shocks. Let`s begin!

1. a white day

In the western countries, white symbolizes purity and innocence. So a white day is a happy and memorable day.

  • Tomorrow is a white day, because it is my 20th  wedding anniversary.


2. once in a blue moon

This idiom means something that is very rare.

  • Great writers like Mark Twain only appear once in a blue moon.
  • You should be grateful for the extra job offer. Things like that come along only once in a blue moon.


3. blue blood

If someone has blue blood in his veins, then he or she is of noble birth.

  • He is proud of his blue blood.
  • Oh Lisa come on, you have always been blue blood, the fact that you don’t want people to know it is a different thing.


4. to have green in one`s eye

This expression is used to describe someone who is naive. Sometimes it can be applied to the rhetorical question.

-You are too young to run fro such an important position.

-Do you see any green in my eye?


5. yellow journalism

Yellow journalism is the type of journalism that relies on sensationalism and lurid exaggeration to attract readers.

  • That doesn’t surprise me at all, ” Felix said, “because The Daily Blah is well-known for its yellow journalism.



  • We have a rare opportunity that comes along                  to any group of Americans.
  • They choose                   for their engagement.
  • The prince of the country will not marry any girl who has no                   .
  •               is hardly educational And informative, but a lot of people love it.

So much for today`s idioms.

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