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Before today’s learning, Let’s check the answers to the last episode!


meaning: easy to see or notice; likely to attract attention.

(PS: just imagine there are so many people together look at you, that’s to say, you are easy to see or attract attention, right?)


meaning: very unpleasant or bad, causing strong feelings of dislike

(PS: when you look down upon something, you must dislike it in the meantime.)


meaning: thinking about a past event or situation

(PS: It’s easy to comprehend, hahaha!)

Today, I will introduce a very commonly used etymon, “fic” meaning “make” to you.




Let’s analyze the composition of “beneficent”

The word “beneficent” contains three etyma, “bene” meaning “good”, “fic” meaning “good” and “-ent” meaning “adjective” separately. It’s quite easy to figure out the meaning of it based on the meanings of the etyma even if you never see the word before. Just string up the three etyma then we could get its general meaning, “do good things (to others)”, which just almost matches the definition, “giving help; showing kindness” in the Oxford Eglish Dictionary.

Now it’s your time to figure out the meanings of the following words.




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