[Best Pick] Downton Abbey`s Gorgeous Return

The British classical drama “Downton Abbey”, which was selected as the “world’s most popular TV series” in the Guinness Book of World Records, will be put on the big screen for the first time on September 20. Receiving high expectation, the film reveals the first trailer in the globe, as well as some posters.


The previous seasons have received a wide range of popularity and praise.


There are many quotable lines from Dowager Countess of Grantham:



This famous and awesome drama will return with the classic cast to perform a new aristocratic chapter engraved with a strong British atmosphere. It tells a new story: the Downton Abbey suddenly receives an unexpected letter saying that the British royal family is about to visit.


In the preview, the classic cast, eye-catching scenes, and even the pleasing background music perfectly continue the style of the predecessor.  

In addition, the film adopts the same shooting location of the TV series: Highclere Castle in Berkshire and even the trailer`s soothing melody is taken from “The Suite” used in previous seasons. From visual to auditory, this movie provides a familiar British taste.




What grievous challenges will the owners encounter when the royal couple who symbolizes the supreme power of Great Britain comes to this remote country house?

What unexpected collision is about to befall these two groups when they make every endeavor to pursue their decency and elegance?

Let`s check out the trailer right now!

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