[Grammar] 5 Errors In Your Daily Talk

Hey guys! Welcome back to [Grammar]. Today we are going to talk about 5 mistakes that you may commit in daily life. Ready? go!


1. I earn ten thousands dollars a month.

Tips: For words like “hundred”, “thousand” and “million”, they have only two forms. One is a specific number + hundred / thousand / million (singular form), such as ten thousand. The other one is hundreds / thousands / millions (plural form) + of, like millions of years ago.

Correct use: I earn ten thousand dollars a month.


2. There are few passer-bys.

Tips: If you want to use the plural form of a compound word, just put an “s” after its head noun.

Correct use: There are few passers-by.

3. He is an English.

Tips: Unlike “Chinese” or “Japanese”, we say “Englishman” and “Frenchman” to describe English people and French people.

Correct use: He is an Englishman.


4. I bought a China`s map.

Tips: If a noun is an inanimate noun, its possessive case is usually “noun+ of+ noun”, instead of “noun +`s “.

Correct use: I bought a map of China.

5. The knowledge is power.

Tips: For the most part, the abstract nouns are always in their singular form and no need to put any article in front of them.

Correct use: Knowledge is power.



  1. My salary is ten            dollars per month.
  1. I live in London. I`m an            .

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