[Fun Time] Funniest Photo Modification Failures

Hello, everyone! Welcome to [Fun Time]!

Today we gonna talk about a really funny topic, “photo modification failures”.

Can you pinpoint the failures?

Let’s get started and try not to laugh loud!

Do not leave your child in the bathroom alone!

Madam, your eyebrow grows on your hair????

Will Smith OoOOOO! GIF - WillSmith Shookt OMG GIFs

A titan diving?

Shocked GIF - ANTM AmericasNextTopModel MissJ GIFs

Hey, where is your asshole?

Spit Take GIF - Spit Take Laughing GIFs

Hahahahahahhahaha, speechless…

Fake Smile Awkward GIF - FakeSmile Awkward AwkwardSmile GIFs


The shadow of your legs shows your real leg circumference.

Stupid Jonah GIF - Stupid Jonah Hill GIFs

How many hands do you have, man???

Gigi Hadid Shocked GIF - GigiHadid Shocked What GIFs

I just cannot help my self laughing, hahahahhaha!

All the retouchers involving the photos above should be fired!

That’s all for [Fun Time] today.

Hope you like it!

Have a nice day!

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