[Word For Today] Left On Read

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Today, we are going to talk about a situation where you may feel embarrassed or impolite. Do you usually receive no responses from your friends after they receive and read the messages? If so, then you can say you are usually left on read!

Word For Today

left on read

How is left on read used?

in the active voice: to leave someone on read meansΒ to read their text message and not respond to it.

  • If I leave you on read, I will apologize.
  • He is just her shelf friend, no wonder she leaves him on read from time to time.

in the passive voice: if you are left on read, it means your recipients read your text message and not respond to it.

  • I’m always left on read by my supervisor.
  • The feeling of being left on read is so terrible.

It’s so easy to remember, right?

Well, I have to give you a warning: don’t leave your S.O. on read!

As usual, please make a sentence with “left on read”!

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Have a great day!

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