[Best Pick] “Mean Tweets” From Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Today I wanna recommend an interesting TV show segment, Mean Tweets.

It’s the most amazing segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live, which is an American late-night talk show, created and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.


In March 2012, in honor of Twitter’s six-year anniversary, Jimmy Kimmel Live! featured a segment called “Mean Tweets” with celebrities, reading aloud actual tweets directed toward them by Twitter users while the song “Everybody Hurts” plays in the background. The segment was extremely popular, with more than 38 million views on YouTube by April 2015.

In many cases, the celebrity is then afforded the opportunity for a brief response to the mean tweet. The show has also aired several themed editions of “Mean Tweets”, including special NBA, college football, and music editions.

Doesn’t it sound exciting?

In March 2015, President Barack Obama took part in a “President Obama edition” of “Mean Tweets,” during which he read tweets from people mocking his jeans and blaming him for the high price of beer. The Obama segment attracted more than 10 million views in one day.


Let’s take a look at other celebrities…



As far as I’m concerned, it’s so brave for them to read haters’ comments about themselves. Sometimes we say “never mind”, but don’t you really mind?

Actually, everyone’s heart is very delicate. So please don’t break it. We should be kind to strangers on the Internet and in reality.

In the end, let’s enjoy the Avengers’ Edition



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