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Today, we are going to talk about friends, a special type of friends whom you are quite familiar with but not your bosom friends. That’s to say, an alternative to your close friends especially when your close friends are not available. There is a special word referring to such kind of friends. That’s what we are gonna learn today!

Word for Tody

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How is shelf friend used?

[n.] When you become an option. You are not the first pick of friends. When your friend starts dating someone and you are put up on a shelf until they have no other people to hang with. In a word, sheld friends refer to the alternatives to your bosom friends.

  • Mary is just her shelf friend. You see, she even didn’t invite mary to her birthday party.
  • Shelf friends are usually not cherished.

Well, it’s so easy to remember and comprehend the word, right? Things placed on shelves are not so conspicuous and significant, hence the unimportance of shelf friends.

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