[Phrases] How To Express Your Ideas Politely

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Expressing an opinion is an important process of interacting with other people in formal and informal settings. Today, let’s learn some phrases for giving an opinion.


1. Personally, I think…

This phrase is quite informal. You can use these phrases when you are discussing something with friends or people who you know well.

Personally, I think you’re right.

Personally, I think your new hairstyle is cool!


2. The way I see it…

This phrase is quite polite and shows clearly that the statement is only an opinion.

The way I see it, it was a fair trade.

Now the way I see it, you want more upmarket time than the plebs.


3. If you don’t mind me saying…

This phrase is more polite because it says to the other speaker that they might not agree with what you are saying.

If you don’t mind me saying, I think the soup needs a little more salt.

If you don’t mind me saying, this T-shirt doesn’t suit you.


4. I personally believe that…

You can use this phrase to express your own opinions in a polite way.

I personally believe that this is the most beautiful island on earth.

I personally believe that we’re in the right way.


5. In my humble opinion…

This phrase is extremely polite. It is often written on the Internet as the abbreviation ‘IMHO’.

In my humble opinion, winter is the best season.

In my humble opinion, he should not be called upon for such justification.



Can you make a sentence with the phrases above?

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