[Word-ology] Circumspect=Circum+Spect

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The feeling of not being interested in or enthusiastic about anything

2dispassionate=dis-[not, opposite of]+pass-[feeling]+ate-[a.]

Not influenced by emotion

3. compatible=com-[together]+pat(h)-[feeling]+-ible-[able]

If two people are compatible, they can have a good relationship because they have similar ideas, interests, etc; able to be used together

Well, today we are gonna learn an etymon “spec” meaning  “look“. It has two variants, “spect” and “spic“.upcoming (2)

Let’s analyze the composition of “circumspect”.

Circumspect=circum-[around]+spect-[look]Copy of upcoming

As we can see, the word “circumspect” contains two etyma, “circum” meaning “around” and “spect” meaning “look“. To figure out its meaning may not so easy without an imagined situation.

So free your imagination, under what circumstances would a people look around? I can tell you some, such as when you park your car or steal something in the crowd. Is that so? When doing the things above, you must be very careful and cautious, right? Well, now we’ve been very close to the definition of “circumspect” in the Oxford Dictionary, “thinking very carefully about sth before doing it, because there may be risks involved“.

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Now it’s your time to try figuring out the following words’ meanings.




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