[Fun Time] Me In The Class

Hello everyone! Welcome to [Fun Time] again!

Time is fleeting, really! I will graduate from university next year. I don’t know if it’s a good thing but I feel so sorry indeed that I’m no longer a student. Because there are so many cherishable and funny moments that might never be found in the future.

That said, Are you still students? Do you still remember the funny moments in the class?

Today, I am gonna share some hilarious moments and feelings in the class.

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Here we go!

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Me in every morning class! I have to be mild and slow when eating.

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Me looking at the blackboard in a daze in math class.

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Me woken up by applause in the classroom.


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Me wearing a new jacket and walking in the classroom.

However, not all the moments in school is funny, some can be horrible


When the headteacher finds me playing mobile games especially no classmates reminds me of that.

When I am forced to hand in my cellphone in the class.

Hahahahaha, it is really funny, right? But I have to give you guys a sincere warning that paying attention to teachers in class is necessary for students all the time.

Well, that’s all for [Fun Time] today!

Hope you enjoy it!

By the way, can you share some funny moments in your classroom with me?

Please write them down in the comments.

Look forward to it!

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Look forward to your reply!

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  • Hello how are you Bro
    I am also interested in this fun time with u brother its really So real mine also catch in class being playing game in my phone hahahhahaha thnks to give me ur perfect time broo ok bye

  • Should I call it funny or otherwise terrific. That day, I studied about any subject that talking about veterinary community health. The lecterel from this subject fame as the killers lecturer ever. Then every time, we had the subject, all students would keeping silent and staying caom, act like good student, and so do I.
    But that time, my unluckily time. I forgot to turn off my phone. 😐 In the middle of the class, my phone ringing and yeah. The lecturer getting angry. The she took my cellphone and keep it for a week. And to get it back, I have to make a a letter of explanation and sign by vice Dean.
    It is crazy for sure. I can’t use my phone for a week and lost a lot of information

  • When the teacher can’t come to the lesson, all of the students would be stapid happiness 😊

  • When in my school took mobile from me because it was ringing and unfortunately I forgot to silent my phpne before class start 😂😂😂

  • when someone announced in classroom , today teacher is not coming and we started dancing and suddenly teacher entered in the class

  • Without any reason I took permission from my teacher and come out form class and enjoy here and there in school. I think that this habit will be commen in every one….

  • I remember when i was at university in the first day i had a French class . The professor asked me to read a chapter of q book on front of all the class, and as i was shy and timid i refused to read and reclaimed why me i have to read hhh she told me read or go out ! I went out 😉😁

    • Hello first of all i say thankz to you to remember class fun ,i remember that if sir or mam writing something in greenboard and unfortunetly if he or she mistake in some spelling then as soon as possible i satnd and say mam or sir you spelling is wrong you miss that letter Hahahaah .

  • When in my class my teacher were giving a lecture and that time my cellphone was ringing and the teacher said that who brought the mobile and that time i say to the teacher that the sound was coming from outside and my class felows was laughing and the the lecturer started the lecture again

  • In the morning the teacher ask that show me your Home work and I said that I forgot it at home(I’m lying at that time coz notebook was in my bag ) and then after a while teacher announce that today is the last day of checking copies so if there is any Student with incomplete work i can check there work till half time otherwise i can’t check there work tomorrow and that day i complete my whole work in school and give it to My friend to give it to teacher and the best part is teacher doesn’t see my name that day i can be punish by the teacher… 😂😂😂

  • Yes..! I am also use to sleep in class and when some one reminds me I use to act as listening class

  • Yes…i have.. In my bachelar degree.. I was teaching a class… When my lecturer said that select ur topic and explain it… I go for explain units and mesurments… I was asking the questions my friends to start a lesson…what is the distance from college to bus stop…. Like this one of them…what is the hight u have? All are laughing at him.. I dont understand for a while…after i get that why they were laughed… He is the shortest person in that class…

  • I were a graduate student that time. I use to watch mobile phone on classroom but unfortunately one fine day. I caught to my principal he saw me from outside the glass door when I Was playing vedio game in my phone. That was a superb memory in my education career …… Thank you so much for giving this opportunity to share my moments in the past.

  • I think I have so many moments to tell or share with you guys that made my special moments into special memories. Firstly, before break finish your lunch,makings cheats for exam,escape from maths class when teacher’s writing on board,singing a song in accounts period when again teacher’s writing on board,in every period asking for going outside to drink water,jumping from school’s walls for school bunk n I know how long it was and so on….Actually I don’t know how mischievous I was …..when I’m in the school……but really I miss those days …..my friends ,my teachers…….

  • I have a really funny moments on my high school. In my high school, when we got late in the morning, we got punished, and the punishment was soaked on the pool that full with fish and it’s murky, smelled fishy And I have to admit it, very disgusting. It was so cold. Can you imagine, you got soaked on a very cool pool that full by weird plants, fish and murky.

    And I don’t know, it is like my weekly pattern, got late on Saturday. Then every Saturday, I would get soaked on that pool. My shoes and shock and skirts got wet. Then skipped the first class. It was so annoying 😑.

  • Hahaaahaaa that sooo good
    Am also daz look black board not only math class all classes but its really memorable in school days and running b.tech life

  • I am a backbencher… so ..when teacher call me on board ..i always try to hide myself … coz i know i dont know the answer 😁😁.

  • When teacher come in to the class I was made sounds in my mouth hummmmmmmmm and see to my teacher but he can’t find to who make noise and I can’t see him haha

  • When my teacher give the explanation in my class. One of my friends taken photos to him. It’s so funny for me and other friends

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