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Is there anyone very attractive but looking not that conventionally handsome or beautiful?

I do have several friends like this. They are not so beautiful or handsome in the eyes of the common mind. However, they have some specific characteristics like charisma and musical talent that win your hearts. So what words would you use to describe this group? That’s what we are going to learn today!

Word For Today:


How uglyhot is used?

[a.] to describe a person who is attractive despite having ugly features

  • He is not hot, but he is uglyhot.
  • He is really uglyhot in spite of his donkey face.

[n.] a person who is attractive despite having ugly features

  • Yeah, and uglyhots are incredibly rare.

Well, I guess all of you have a clear understanding of the word.

If you have some uglyhot friends, please cherish the relationship with him or her. Because uglyhots are incredibly rare!

Please write down the uglyhot celebrities in your mind.

Can’t wait to see that!

Have a nice day!

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