[Fun Time] In A Relationship? These Memes Are For You.

Hello everyone. Glad to see you again!

Are you in a relationship? If so, come and gather the hilarious and true-life memes.

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Hahahahahahahah, it’s really funny. I think the girl would take a poo “poo emoji”的图片搜索结果 on his shoulder. LOL.

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I’m being pestered with this question every day, really!


Girls’ hearts are broken into pieces every time it happens.

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Hahahaha, realistic! However, if boys do not pat and give a hug to girls after a quarrel, girls would be much angrier. Is that so?LOL.


Just sleep on it cuz it’s not a big deal.


Girl, you can ogle other handsome guys next time!

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Maybe next time

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That’s all for [Fun Time] today!

Hope you like it!

See you next time!

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