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U-Dictionary begins to provide Oxford Dictionary online for Android users. After updating U-Dictionary to the latest version, you can look up new words and find out their definitions, collocations in Oxford Dictionary for free.

Today we are going to learn a new word “empty suit”.

You can have a guess what it means first! LOL.

Word For Today


How is empty suit used?

[n.] An important or wealthy man regarded as lacking substance, personality, or ability

  • Mr. Lee acts like a big shot, but he is only an empty suit.
  • An empty suit generally gets no attention from the public.


That’s all for [Word For Today]!

If there is any empty suit you know, please share with us in the comments.

I can’t wait to see it!

And pay enough attention to your study otherwise you will be a empty suit someday! LOL.

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    • Sometimes empty suit people doing abnormal activity to get attention from people.

  • Seriously i did’nt understand what it means basicly
    And where we can use this word
    Formaly or informaly

  • Correction… otherwise you’ll be an empty suit. And thanks to add one more word to my dictionary.

  • She acts like she knows everything although she is an empty suit … Hopefully this sentence was good and not an empty suit…

  • People with empty suit is just like Facebook without messenger. πŸ˜‚

    • Excuse me, but I think it should be ” people with empty suits are like” as ” people ” as a noun is plural.

  • I think is a person who has abilities or skills but is less than average.

  • Many of the general people whatever they are rich or belong to middle class family are empty suit because they don’t have ability but they show on particular event. Same thing with some ministers.

  • You said ” a empty suit “. Isn’t it ” an empty suit ” instead?

  • I’m very thankful to u people for making such a good app. I want to improve my eng.as well as enrich my vocab. Plzz help me out.

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