[Fun Time] Imagined Scenic Spots Vs. Real Ones

Hello, everyone! It’s another great weekend!

Do you have any plans for the weekend, like traveling?

If you want to go traveling, you’d better make full preparation to enjoy the overwhelming tourists. LOL.😄

Just look at the photos showing the huge gap between your imagined scenic spots and the real ones.

Sometimes you long for the magnificence of the Great Wall!

This is your imagined Great Wall of China.

Image result for 长城

However, the real Great Wall of China may be like this…

Image result for 长城人头

Charchar Seriously GIF - Charchar Seriously Serious GIFs

It’s a dream for most of us to feel the mystery and solitude of Egyptian pyramids.


But the numerous people waiting in line makes you feel desperate in the parched desert.

Stressed Baby GIF - Stressed Stress Baby GIFs


We all grew up reading the Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales. When we are economically independent, we aspire to visit the Mermaid Statue in Denmark. And this is the statue which we see in travel magazines. 世界著名景点“买家秀”与“卖家秀”的差别(组图)

But how come it is so small??? I feel cheated by my life.

Bitch What GIF - Bitch What Wtf GIFs


The sun and beaches in Rio DE Janeiro are really fascinating.


But the fact is that what you can see is nothing but numerous heads.Helpless GIF - Helpless IAmHelpless ImHelpless GIFs


Before you get to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you expect to take a nice photo with the tower.


But you may ask why so many people play tai chi there.

Little Girl Tai Chi Dancing Little Girl GIF - LittleGirlTaiChi LittleGirl DancingLittleGirl GIFs


After all, the world does not always go our way!

Ugh GIF - TiffanyPollard HeadAche Stressed GIFs

I got a tip for you, you guys should search how many tourists the scenic spot received in the same period during the past few years before you start out.

Hope all of you can enjoy your best weekend.

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