[Word-ology] Monologue=Mono+Logue

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Do you still remember the meaning of the etymon “dict”?

Today, we are gonna learn a new etymon meaning “speak”. Well, it’s quite similar with the last episode. You guys ought to keep the two etyma together in your brain.

By the way, log has three variants, “loqu” , “locu” and “logue”.


Let’s analyse the following word containing “dict”. The symbol “-” means “means” or “stands for”.

1.monologue: [n.] a long speech by one person


monologue=mono-(single, alone)+logue-(speak)

Apparently, this is a perfect example showing the connection between words and their etyma in terms of meaning. Combined together, the two etyma, “mono” and “logue” mean “a person speaks”, which precisely matches the definition of “monologue” in Cambridge Dictionary.

Now, it’s your time to try figuring out the meanings of the following words based on their etyma displayed down below.

1. grandiloquent: grand-[big] + i-[makes no senses here] + loqu-[speak] + -ent-[adj]

2. prologue: pro-[before] + logue-[speak]

3. circumlocution: circum-[aound] + locu-[speak] + -tion-[n.]

It’s very easy, right?

That’s all for [Word-ology] Today.

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