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In this program, you will learn etyma and affixes by which words are formed.

I hope it will be helpful for you guys to remember, comprehend words and further expand your vocabulary.

Let’s get down to business. Today we are going to learn a commonly-used etymon, “dict” ,which means “say”.


Let’s analyse the following words containing “dict”. The symbol “-” means “means” or “stands for”.

Predict: [v.] to say that something will happen, before it happens



As we can see, the word “predict” contains two parts, “pre” meaning “before” and “dict” meaning “say”. Combined together, the two parts means “to say (something) before (something), which generally equals to the meaning of the word “predict”. In this way, we can easily learn the connection between the etyma of predict and its meaning.

contradict: [v.] to say that sth that sb else has said is wrong, and that the opposite is true



Likewise, the word “contradict” comprises two etyma, “contra” meaning “against” and “dict” meaning “say”. Placing they together, we could deduce the meaning of contradict which means to say against something. It roughly matches the exact meaning of contradict.

abdicate: [v.] to give up the position of being king or queen, to stop controlling or managing something that you are in charge of.


It’s your turn to analyse how these etyma combine to form “abdicate”!

Think about it, I have given the meanings of every etymon.😃


It’s so amazing to deduce the meaning on the basis of their etyma, right?

Atually, the more etyma you learn, the more words you can infer. So you’d better bear the etyma we have learned today deeply in mind.

Can you list more words containing “dict”?

Please leave your answers in the comment down below!

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