[Word For Today] Introspection

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1. enticed       2. enticing

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Today, we’ll learn the new word ‘introspection’.

Word For Today:

aggravate _'ægrəveɪt_ (2)

Translations of introspection in different languages:


How is introspection used?

n.     the process of thinking deeply about your own thoughts, feelings, or behaviour

  • After some introspection, I think you are right.
  • His defeat in the world championship led to a long period of gloomy introspection.

Related words:  1. introspective (adj.)     2. introspectively (adv.)    3. introspect (v.)


Fill in the blanks with the correct form of ‘introspection’.

1. The brain is not the kind of thing that we can _______, nor are thoughts the kind of things we can see.

2. She is famous for her ________ songs about failed relationships.


Can you use it to make a sentence?

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