[Guess!] How About Making Breakfast At Home?

Hey guys! Welcome back! [Guess!] time again! First of all, let’s check the answer of the last episode:

Charlie forgets to pick Jake up, and Jake is in the rain again.


Now, here comes today’s [Guess!] from Two and A Half Men.

Most children like to try and learn new things, and Jake is no exception. He finds a blender at his uncle’s house, and then he comes up with an idea to make himself breakfast with the blender.

In the morning, he mixes all the things he likes into the blender, such as cola, milk, sugar and cereal.1111.png

Uncle Charlie gets up and goes to the kitchen. Then he is shocked by Jake.微信截图_20190816151516.png

Jake says he is making breakfast._20190816151823

He also wants to put some marshmallows into the blender, so he asks uncle Charlie where the marshmallows are.微信截图_20190816152838.png

Uncle Charlie is speechless and then he leaves. Suddenly, a strange noise comes from the kitchen.微信截图_20190816153318.png

So here is the [Guess!]:

What will happen in the kitchen?

Leave your answers below and see you next time:)



Look forward to your reply!

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