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Before the program today, Let’s check the answers of the practice in last episode.

  1. hedged   2. hedge

Today, as usual, we are going to learn a new word.

Please figure it out from the following photo before we begin the learning process.

box-hedge-topiary-869073_640 (1).jpg


That’s right, the word we are going to learn is “T-R-I-M”.

Word For Today


Translations of trim in different languages


How is trim used?

[v] to make sth neater, smaller, better, etc., by cutting parts from it

  • My hair needs trimming.

[v] to reduce the amount or size of something

  • They’re trying to trim their costs, so staff who leave are not being replaced.

[v] to decorate something by adding objects, pieces of material, etc. that make it look attractive

  • The edges of the jacket had been trimmed with sequins.

[n] an act of making something, especially someone’s hair, tidier or more levels by cutting a small amount off it

  • Just give the ends a trim, please.

[adj] thin in an attractive and healthy way

  • You’re looking very trim – have you lost weight?

The part of speech and usage of “trim” are relatively complicated.

You’d better peruse the article and make a sentence with it to keep the word deeply in mind.

Look forward to your sentences!

Have a great day!

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