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Today, we are gonna learn a new word “blur”.

Everybody may be familiar with it, but do you know how many usages it has?

Come and read the news before we go through with today’s learning.

State lawmakers blur line between public, personal interestsState lawmakers blur line between public, personal interests

A recent change in Iowa’s tax code spared Mark Chelgren’s machine shop, welding company and wheelchair-parts plant from paying sales tax when buying certain supplies such as saws and cutting fluid.

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Translations of blur in different languages


How is blur used?

[n] a shape that you cannot see clearly, often because it is moving too fast

  • His arm was a rapid blur of movement as he struck.

[n] something that you cannot remember clearly

  • The events of that day were just a blur.

[v] if the shape or outline of sth blurs , or if sth blurs it, it becomes less clear and sharp

  • The writing blurred and danced before his eyes.
  • The mist blurred the edges of the buildings.

[v] if sth blurs your eyes or vision , or your eyes or vision blur , you cannot see things clearly

  • Tears blurred her eyes.

[v] to become or make sth become difficult to distinguish clearly

  • She tends to blur the distinction between her friends and her colleagues.

the synonyms of blur as a verb

  • smear
  • taint
  • tarnish
  • besmear
  • blemish
  • blot
  • discolor
  • smudge
  • spot
  • stain

Please keep the usage of blur in mind and make a sentence with blur!

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