[Mini Blog] What If Your Gender Changed Overnight?

Hey guys! How are you doing?

Do you still remember the topic we talked last week?

If you could make one rule that everybody had to follow, what rule would you make?

Many readers gave their interesting and though-provoking answers, let’s have a look!


Well, that’s a nice way to protect the environment.


It’s good, but sometimes it would be dangerous at the thought of so many villains in the society…


Totally agree with Lizhen023, I do hope all the bullies disappear on the planet.


Absolutely right, we have to shoulder our responsibilities once we started a relationship or marriage.


I do hope so, everyone should have equal access to education.


Yep! Everyone ought to be themselves and we should respect each others.

Having others to follow your rule can be awesome. In my childhood, I dreamed to be a king of the community where I lived and pretended I was the leader of all my cousins who had to obey my orders for just one day. Now I realized it could never happen. So if you want to create an enabling environment where your nice propositions will be accepted, you’d better study hard and hone your various skills. Only when you become strong can you change the world. It’s an eternal truth.


Now let’s move on to today’s topic

what if your gender changed overnight?

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  • According to me such incidence is impossible to happen. But if it happens it is not a thing to worry about at all. This is because both the genders have third own importance. If you are a female you can give birth to a baby and if you are a male you can decide/determine the sex of the baby. So it doesn’t matter if you are a male or female by sex.

    • At first I will afraid to be ,and I will accept the reality . If I got change my gender to men I will choose to walk alone at night on street.

  • First of all, I get astonished. However, I believe that potentials of humanbeings are same whether it’s a male or female. But there is only difference in biology of male and female. I accept the reality and go with the flow.

  • If i would be a male then I have a freedom to do anything and i am going to night trip with my bunch of friends 😀

  • I would be surprised but, I want to try all those things which I couldn’t, like swimming, cycling, and football.

  • I’d write a book to understand women, well to be honest will be a book collection and they’ll help a lot men!

  • If my gender gets changed over night then I’ll get shocked in the morning but I’ll move on and wait till next morning to get back to my previous gender back.

  • If my gender gets changed overnight I’ll be happy as I can experience the pros and cons to be a male n can examine in which gender I enjoyed the most…..

  • First I will be afraid but after that i feel happy also because a country in which we are living is a kind of country where people are judged by their gender.
    I want to say that according to the thinking of our society boys can do whatever they want but the girls are somewhere restricted to do what they actually want to do.

  • I will be so happy bcoz i want to be a man😂As in our area females are not safe while going outside alone and i want to live independently by my own choice and that’s why i would be happy if my gender changes overnight so that i would spend time alone walking over streets all night nd hanging out alone 😋

  • It seems funny but good question.Well,I try to being stable in that particular gender.It smell very awkward you know! But whatever it is I will not pray for being a previous gender but I try to settle in that particular gender.👌

  • Maybe i will accept in the reality. And try to life like normal people :v

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