[Guess!] How Can You Forget Me?!

Hey guys! Welcome back! [Guess!] time again! First of all, let’s check the answer of the last episode:

Charlie says two against one wouldn’t be fair. And Alan is badly hurt by the guy._20190814170040

Now, here comes today’s [Guess!] from Two and A Half Men.

What will you feel when you have plenty of things to do? You may feel irritable and angry, and sometime you may forget something. This is very common for adults. You need to shoulder many responsibilities when you have a family and a job.

So does Alan. Recently he is quite busy. His ex-wife goes on a trip to Hawaii and leaves their son to Alan. Moreover, his staffs ask for leave and his clinic is being audited. When he comes back home, he thinks he has done all the things and starts drinking with Charlie.123

Alan thinks he forgets something. But Charlie comforts him by saying that the thing he forgets is not important. 222.png333.png

Alan is true, he forgets his son. The poor boy is in the rain because his father forgets to pick him up.


Alan apologizes to Jake and promises he will never forget him again.


Alan is busy, so Charlie takes Jake to school the next day, and then he watches Jake’s play at his school. When Alan comes back home, Charlie complains the bad experience to him.

Alan is sorry not to be with his son. Then he asks Charlie where Jake is.微2.png

So here is the [Guess!]:

Where is Jake? Is he at home?

Leave your answers below and see you next time:).png


Look forward to your reply!

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