[Fun Time] What You Order Vs What You Get

Hello guys, welcome to the program [Fun Time]!

Today, we are going to talk about some mishaps from shopping online. To begin with, I have to tell you that I am not a lazy bone, definitely.

Growing up in the new century, never is shopping online a novel stuff for us as we are increasingly obsessed with it owing to its convenience. However, nothing is flawless, not even shopping online. For numerous time that I could recall the huge difference between what I order and what I get. Of course, I am not the only one sharked by such experience.

Let’s have a look at the unlucky guys who shared their terrible shopping experiences online.


I hope the seller can overcome color blindness as soon as possible.


Hahahaha, you can regard it as a beautiful hanky.


Oh babe, are you wearing a broom-shaped wig?


Well, give me the address of the seller, I will punch her face for you.


Sorry for you, speechless.


It’s an face-lift mask, girl, I think you need it.


Oh darling, you might bought the wrong size. But your little toes are truly like two piece of gingers. LOL!



Hey dude, I think you are playing the magic of tucking yourself into a small box.

Have you experience terrible shopping online?

Please share with us in the comment.

look forward to your intriguing stories.

Have a nice day!

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  • Hahaha…. It’s extremely LoL things… Never ever trust on online shopping

    • Yes, U Dictionary you won’t believe one day, I ordered a pair of beautiful bangles online. It was really pleasing to the eyes πŸ‘€. It had a beautiful design of peacock feather. The colors were also very charming. I was extremely waiting for getting those bangles all the day. But when the deliver boy came the most unexpected thing happened. Usually as we all know online shopping most of the time proves to be worthless but that time all the limitations were overstepped. When I opened the sealed box I found a pair of shoes, even its condition was also very bad there were a lot of smaller holes on that shoes. It was also very dirty. I was very angry and I caught the deliver boy and asked him the reason. He also seemed to be very much shocked and he told me that something misunderstanding had happened. Then he told me that maybe he had delivered my bangles to anybody else. As the result I got a pair of shoes that had been ordered by anybody else. He asked me to wait for two days I was so angry but he was apologizing to me so I waited for two days after two days the boy came again to my house to deliver a box. When I opened the box πŸ—ƒ there was no relief, I found one bangle missing. I told the delivery boy immediately and he told me to wait for one day more. I was almost on the endpoint of my tolerance level. After one day was over the delivery boy came with a pair of bangles. Finally I got relief that I got the two bangles and it was the bangles not anything else. With a lot of hopes and reliefs when I opened the box I was shocked I found one bangle was broken and the other was just an ordinary bangle with a thin texture no peacock design was there. Instead of Peacock design there was an ordinary bird-feather design on that bangle, even that was not the end of my sufferings, the size of those bangles were too big to wear. As if they made the bangles according to the size of a giant’s hand. With lot of anger and disgusts 🀒 when I went to the delivery boy I found next to my door that the delivery boy was vanished immediately.

  • I tell you a story I like a shoes on app so it was very nice and amazing shoes it is a kind of sneaker .I can’t buy that shoes from anywhere so I see it on that app I buy that when they deliver that shoes I gave him money and all thing happened and when I open it so it was a chapal in it when I saw it I get shocked I see that man was at the end of the road I take my bike and follow him then I shoes him the and take my money back and then he bring that shoes for me

    • 🀣🀣🀣🀣oh my gosh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Then you Never shopped after that with any app?

  • I have no experience like that. I don’t do online shoppings much. It is not good to buy all things in online, we should buy directly thto gete accurate one.

  • I wish I can read every fun text from U Dictionary againπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Hahaha
    This is extremely disappointing because when we see something special online we thinks these are the best but after delivery i might say all people feels the same as i feels

  • These are amazing experiences of online shopping.
    Once i place order for 128 GB memory cards i received my order confirmation after 1 day received email of packing 2nd day i received mail for my order my product is on the way after 5 day received a mail for reaching my product on my address but after few time received an email for order cancelation. It was very bad experience for me from online shopping. For more #googlesite2.blogspot.com

  • Hhhhhh guys your experience of online shopping is a good lesson for us we have to never order anything online it should be better for us And we will be safe form the delude of the trappiness.

  • Once i ordered a pen pencil for sketching and i got an ink pen instead . That was very raging . Never trust online shopping πŸ˜’

  • Hahaha, that’s why I cannot trust online shopping to buy something. πŸ˜‚ that’s so terrible.

  • Actually, for first time i buy something on online shop i so nervous,afraid if the thing that i order is not like in picture and description. Lol
    My first order is successfully, and until now i still shopping on online shop

  • Yeah . Once I saw a beautiful gown on Flipkart .that gown attracting me ..I want to buy at any cost. So i ordered it …after a week I received.as I opened the tucking of gown , I was shoked because the dress that i have ordered was not it.. how I feel at that time can’t explain .since that moment I have not ordered any article so far from online shopping

    • haahha!the same case happen with me i had Order for the ear cleaner but didn’t work.

  • I ever order a skirt in shopping online, but,when i got,that’s too small for me..

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