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Today, we are going to learn a commonly used word “shield”.

Let’s read the news headline and find it!

NASA considering inflatable heat shield to make space landings easier

NASA considering inflatable heat shield to make space landings easier

NASA could use an inflatable heat shield to ease a potential Mars landing.

Word For Today:


Translation of shield in different languages:


How is shield used:

[n.] a large piece of metal or leather carried by soldiers in the past to protect the body when fighting

  • Then…what happens if your spear hits against your shield?

[n.] a person or thing used to protect sb/sth, especially by forming a barrier.

  • The gunman used the hostages as a human shield .
  • Water is not an effective shield against the sun’s more harmful rays.

[n.] something shaped like a shield, in particular

  •  When he retired from the police, he had to turn in his shield.

[v.]  to protect someone or something

  • She held her hand above her eyes to shield them from the sun.
  • They are accused of trying to shield the General from US federal investigator.


Practice: Fill in the blanks with correct form of shield.

1. Educating our children and ______ them from the horrors of gun violence.

2. In fact there is a simple method to test for radiation _______ chassis situation.

3. At the same time I wished ________ her conduct from censure.

4. Jun again instinctively threw herself before Frost and the doctor trying to ______ them fro many of the stray rubble.

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